BP Thank You Buttons sell out in stores, appear on Trade Me

Must See 09/07/2019

A flick of the hazards, a wave, or even a beep on the horn - Kiwi drivers have many ways to say 'thank you' and BP has added one more. But you won't find it at the petrol station anymore.

The BP Thank You Button is made of a button which attaches to the dashboard and, when pushed, it lights a green thumbs up fixed to the rear of the vehicle.

A spokesperson for BP told Newshub 20,000 of the buttons were gifted to customers who spent over $60, but within a month they were all gone.

Despite not being available in stores, some of the buttons have turned up on Trade Me.

The buttons are being auctioned off for between $50 and $69 - so if you're lucky, you could grab a bargain.

A spokesperson from BP said the company is "overwhelmed" at the supportive response to the buttons.

"Although they have all been given out it's incredibly encouraging to know that this volume of Kiwis wants to drive more positively and say thank you to one another," the spokesperson told Newshub on Monday.

"We hope that the conversation and positivity will continue, because that can happen with or without a button." 

The BP Thank You Buttons were commissioned by the petrol company after research revealed 85 percent of New Zealand motorists feel their mood is improved if they're thanked while driving.

Concern was raised over the safety of the buttons by some Kiwis who thought the lights could be distracting.

"Green lights on the back of a car, what could go wrong?" wrote one Reddit user.

"Another button on the dash to get distracted by," wrote another.

However, NZTA confirmed BP ensured the buttons didn't violate any road rules before releasing them.