Botched 'Angry Birds' eyebrow treatment ruins woman's family holiday

Must See 01/08/2019

A British mother-of-three who hoped for streamlined eyebrows before a family holiday did not bank on resembling an "Angry Bird" after a local beautician botched her brows.

Colline Rees, 37, has revealed to The Sun how her ordeal with a hair-removal-happy trainee ruined her confidence on a family holiday, her underlying warning being to approach beauty salons with caution. 

Rees previously shared photos on Facebook of her new look. She said she understood the post was "laughable" but pleaded for someone to help rectify the botched brow job.

Rees told The Sun she was leaving for a family holiday in Tenerife the following day, and booked a last-minute appointment with her local eyebrow technician. She was left in the trainees' hands after her usual beautician was busy.

The trainee allegedly told Rees after the treatment that she needed to go in with some pencil to tidy up her brows. When Rees looked in the mirror, she realised this was an incredible understatement. 

"She took most of one eyebrow off," Rees wrote on Facebook. "She totally f**ked up."

"I was mortified, absolutely horrified," she told The Sun.

The trainee is said to have apologised profusely for the mistake, but Rees was hysterical. Another beautician then stepped in, saying a simple tint to dye the skin would help fill in the missing hair.

"Ten fags and 20-minutes later, the assistants were adamant that she could fix it... so I allowed her to try," Rees said.

With nothing to lose other than her remaining eyebrows, Rees allowed the technician to perform the treatment - but was left appalled for a second time.

She was confronted with a pair of blocky black stripes, and posted a desperate plea on social media for someone to emend her eyebrows before her flight.

Now, Rees says the distress ruined her holiday. After using makeup to help correct the shape as much as possible, she was fearful to go in the water and wouldn't pose for family pictures.

Family and friends of Rees couldn't help seeing the funny side, likening the new look to something out of the Angry Birds game.