A Robbie Williams themed cruise ship is launching this year

music news 31/07/2019

Robbie Williams fans will be over the moon to hear about the launch of a cruise ship dedicated to Robbie himself!

The cruise will depart from London and soak in some of the city's most iconic landmarks as it sails down the River Thames.

Of course, Robbie Williams is the soundtrack of the cruise ship and a DJ will be playing his songs non-stop for the entirety of the trip.

A description for the event reads: “Join Fever on our fantastic boat party dedicated to the one-and-only Robbie Williams!"

“This four-hour cruise down the Thames is a fantastic way to see the most iconic sights of the city, accompanied by a friendly, party-going crowd and, of course, the Robbie's finest hits!"

“The boat boasts 360 degree views over the river, two floors of partying (one room dedicated to Robbie and another room suitable for chilling), and plenty of covered space, in case the heavens open."

But there is a catch - apparently Robbie won't actually be on the ship.

The ship will set sale on Saturday, August 31 for a return journey from Embankment to Greenwich.