3 things in your home that you don't need, according to Feng Shui

Must See 18/07/2019

Feng Shui has been well known for many years, but after the world's obsession with Marie Kondo, the ancient science that originated in China and uses energy to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment, was pushed back into the spotlight.

In terms of interior design, decorating according to Feng Shui will influence where you position furniture, how your home is laid out, and what things are hung on walls and where.

There are certain things that Feng Shui states will bring your home negative energy, and it's best to avoid them in your home so that you can have a better, more positive life.

Dried Flowers

Fresh flowers have been proving to have a lot of benefits by being in your home, but when they die and wither, they represent death and decay. Feng Shui believes that this is an energy you do not need in your home. It's does state though that if the flowers are purposefully dried or pressed with sentimental value, they don't give off negative vibes.

Broken Objects

According to the beliefs of Feng Shui, broken items that have been laying around for months on end awaiting repair represent stagnant energy, and seeing these items can negatively affect how you feel. Either fix them straight away or toss them.

Unwanted Gifts

Marie Kondo's advice included decluttering any unwanted gift, and that same rule is applicable in Feng Shui. Holding on to an unwanted gift out of feelings of guilt or obligation can negatively impact  the energy of you and your home.