'Above normal' July temperatures on way for the rest of month

Must See 17/07/2019

More "above normal" temperatures are coming to New Zealand for the rest of the month.

WeatherWatch says a blast of westerlies over New Zealand will continue off and on for the rest of July, bringing warmer air from across the Tasman.

"The westerly flow is being caused by huge highs which seem stuck over Australia," it says.

"This westerly flow is warmer and brings in weather that sometimes feels more like spring or autumn, or a feeling that true winter is being bypassed."

NIWA says temperatures are being kept high due to a sea surface temperature anomaly, which has made 2019 a warm year for New Zealand

"A warm blob in the Tasman Sea and Southwest Pacific represents one of the most unusually warm spots in the ocean on the planet, year-to-date," meteorologist Ben Noll says.

"And since we're an island nation, as the seas go, we go!"

While there are still some colder nights next week which bring the risk of frost, overall we're heading towards milder nights.

"If we're being dominated by westerlies for the next two weeks that reduces the chances of major cold weather for NZ," WeatherWatch says.

"Once we get to mid-August the longer days are noticed by many and temperatures often start to tick upwards by a degree or two, even despite the risks of big snow storms and frosts which can occur right up to October. So has winter peaked already? Time will tell - but time is running out."