Woman shocked after her birthday cake reveals hilarious Mariah Carey blunder

Must See 18/06/2019

ou can't have your cake and eat it too, so the saying goes.

A UK woman was left surprised after her request for a Mariah Carey-themed birthday cake was misunderstood, the cake instead decorated with Nobel prize winner, Marie Curie. Perfectly edible - but not quite what she had in mind. 

The woman, named Siobhan, reportedly told her colleagues that she wanted a birthday cake decorated with Mariah Carey's face. However, the hilarious misunderstanding meant the birthday girl was given a cake featuring the sombre-looking first female Nobel prize winner.

Marie Curie won the prize for her research into radioactivity. She also discovered radium and polonium. Mariah Carey won five Grammy Awards for her contributions to the music industry.

The "very festive" cake has been the subject of hilarity on Twitter after the woman's cousin, author Harriet Lye, posted the story of the confused cake.

One Twitter user pointed out that in fairness, the colleagues had spelled her name right.

"As someone who's middle name is Siobhan I can attest to the number of times people have effed it up. This is amazing."

Needless to say, the sweet gesture gave Siobhan a birthday to remember.