Woman invited to stay at her old family friend's home, then gets sent an invoice

Must See 28/06/2019

When your friend asks you around for a catch up, you may sometimes bring a bottle of wine, a few nibbles, or simply turn up and expect that the offer is out of the goodness of their heart.

But one woman was left feeling deeply upset after her old friend, and godmother to both of her children, invited her around for a visit.

There was quite a distance between where the two live, so the woman made plans for her and her two children to stay with the old family friend for five days. She knew that she would be expected to help out around the home, but never, ever thought she would be sent an invoice at the end of her stay to help cover rent, power and electricity.

But she was.

The woman spoke out about the situation online, and it left fellow parents divided over who was in the wrong in this scenario.

One person replied: "Three people staying in her home for five days? I think she's trying to let you know she doesn't want you to stay."

Another said: "It's outrageous to charge guests to stay with you. Just appalling. And how would it ever come to $800 anyway? The whole thing is making me cringe for you."

A third thought the whole thing was "cheeky". "That's beyond cheeky. I'd be very upset. I would never dream of charging friends to visit, especially as they are the ones paying for travel, etc."

A fourth posted: "I live abroad and am always happy when visitors contribute to food/drink but it isn't expected and would never charge for lodgings."