Watches are up to eight times more dirty than a toilet

Must See 27/06/2019

Disgusting new research has discovered some gut-wrenching news for those of us who wear a watch.

Tic Watches swabbed ten different types of watches, testing for aerobic bacteria, yeast and mould to find out how much of a hotspot they are for germs. 

The research found that each watch had a worrying amount of bacteria, yeast, and mould, with watches scoring an average of three times dirtier than a toilet seat. 

The worst culprit was a fitness watch, with the Fitbit testing a staggering eight times dirtier than a toilet seat and flush handle, whilst the plastic and leather watches were dirtier than the metal ones. 

Surprisingly the least dirty was a man's watch with a leather strap, which was found to be 3.3 times dirtier than a toilet seat.