Vets build Lego wheelchair for Pedro the turtle with two missing legs

Must See 25/06/2019

A box turtle named Pedro, a patient of Louisiana State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the US, has been given a new lease on life after losing two legs.

Pedro, who was already missing one back leg when he was adopted, recently escaped from home and returned a little worse for wear. On his travels, Pedro had somehow lost another limb. 

His adoptive owners took Pedro to the vets at LSU, where the two-footed turtle was given the all clear health-wise.

However, there was the question as to how Pedro would move sans two crucial appendages.

CNN reports a zoological intern at the hospital picked up a Lego car kit, and using some syringe parts and animal-safe epoxy (resin), vets built a two-wheeled functional and fashionable accessory for Pedro.

Pedro's wheelchair can reportedly be easily removed to keep his shell squeaky-clean.

Turtles have never scored high in speed, but with the help of his wheelchair, Pedro is able to zoom around with ease.