The Crown Season 3 has finished shooting

Must See 18/06/2019

The newest season in the Netflix blockbuster series The Crown has confirmed that filming has wrapped, production is well underway, and it won't be long at all until we can see the finished product!

Season 3 of The Crown will be the very first time we get to see the new cast in action. Oscar winning actress Olivia Colman takes over the role of Queen Elizabeth and Tobias Menzies will be playing the new Prince Philip.

While no date has been announced for the release of season three of The Crown, it’s thought it will be later in 2019.

Series one was released in November 2016 and series two in December 2017, so we’re expecting Season three to also be released before Christmas.

This season of The Crown will be set between 1964 through to the early 1970s. The Queen gave birth to her last child, Prince Edward, in 1964, so it’s thought the series will begin with that.

While in this season we won't quite get to see glimpses of the late Princess Diana, with TV newcomer Emma Corrin cast in the massive role, but sources have revealed that Season 4 of the series will heavly chronicle the Prince and Princess of Wales’ courtship.