The creators of 'Marley & Me' are releasing another dog film

Must See 12/06/2019

Marley & Me was an perhaps one of the most iconic films from 2009. The film starred Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston and followed the couple throughout their life, raising their beautiful pup named Marley.

Of course, if you've seen the movie, you know how it ends. It's emotional, and raw. And if you don't shed a tear then you must be quite a tough cookie to crack!

Now, 10 years on from the release of Marley & Me, the creators of the film are back with another dog inspired film.

The film, The Art of Racing In The Rain, follows a family dog named Enzo as he evaluates his life through the lessons he has learned from his human owner, a race car driver named Denny Swift.

The film hits cinemas 26th September 2019 and looks like it is going to be good!