The AA issue advice on how to avoid high petrol prices when filling up at the pump

travel 04/06/2019

Petrol prices aren't set to drop down anytime soon and it seems those in Ireland are also having to deal with expensive petrol. The AA in Ireland has recommended some tips for drivers hoping to avoid super high fuel prices.

Their biggest tip, that is still relevant for those of us here in New Zealand, was that drivers frequent different petrol stations in an attempt to beat the increasing prices.

"Motorists can do their own pockets a favour if they get into the habit of shopping around. Due to the current turbulence in relation to crude oil costs, different garages will be selling both fuels at different rates, depending on the cost of a barrel of oil when they bought their current supply.”

"The important thing for motorists to remember when it comes to fuel is that you need to shop around in the same way that you do when renewing your insurance. Don’t fall into the habit of going to the same garage every time, but instead take note of which garage is offering the best deal in your area each time you need to fill up."