Susan Boyle reveals surprising plans that she wants to start a family of her own

Must See 26/06/2019

Britain’s Got Talent megastar Susan Boyle has revealed that she wants to start a family aged 58. 

The iconic singer is planning on retiring from music and fostering children.

Speaking on the new episode of the Dan Wootton Interview podcast, Susan said: “When things quieten down a bit I would like to get into fostering.

“I’m 58 so I’ve got something to bring my family home to. I’ve a lovely house, why not share it?

“I’ve got a couple who think the world of me. I’ve never had any of my own, that’s my biggest regret, but I love kids. They’re good fun to be with.

“I am happy. I am loving every minute, loving life and bring on the rest.”

A source close to the singer explained: “Susan has always had a real soft spot for children and is brilliant with them.

"She has a strong caring, maternal nature.

“She is already quietly and behind the scenes active in helping charities that benefit children.”

What a lovely idea, Susan. You will be a great foster mum.