Pickles on pizza is the newest food trend

Food 28/06/2019

Forget Pineapple on pizza - it seems everyone is all about the pickles! And, as with all 'new' food trends, the pickles on pizza trend has seen a divide among people on the internet.

While some people see the idea as disgusting, others who are pickle mad are loving the idea!

One man said: "Pizza with pickles is actually quite good. Not that many of course, but it works. A local pizza place actually did it, and I was quite surprised at how good it was."

Another, diplomatically posted: "I've tried pickles on my pizza and it was really delicious it wasn't smothered and pickles but a few pickles! I thought I wouldn't like it but doesn't hurt to try something once you know! If you don't like it you don't ever have to eat it again."

Others were quick to shut the idea down, "as a proud member of the pineapple on pizza society, I say we revolt against this monstrosity,’ urged one user while another shared the sentiment, saying: ‘I want to vomit! I enjoy pickles I just don’t want it on my pizza’.