Monopoly releases new un-cheatable board

Must See 24/06/2019

Monopoly has been a staple boardgame in many households throughout generations, and while sometimes games can get rather heated and cause arguments, playing Monopoly is mostly fun.

Since it was first introduced back in the 1930s, there has been countless variations of the game, from boards set in different cities through to ones inspired by popular films and TV shows.

But Hasbro's latest addition to the ever-expanding Monopoly family is being pegged as the most exciting, as it features a voice-controlled AI banker - which, crucially, is incapable of cheating.

The new Monopoly will stamp out cheating all together, meaning no more 'accidentally' grabbing an extra few hundreds when you pass Go, or somehow forgetting to pay that tax... This game is already onto you.

In Monopoly Voice Banking, an electronic black top hat in the middle of the board will manage your money, handle real estate transactions, pay rent, draw Chance cards and more, all through the power of voice commands.

The new game doesn't include physical cash, but other than that does remain relatively the same.