Kiwi woman discovers 1960's time capsule while renovating her home

Must See 13/06/2019

The 1960's were a wonderful time here in New Zealand. Television was introduced, we had our first ever visit from a US President and fashion and music were everything.

Those growing up in the '60's were likely to idolize big British bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who, and one Taranaki teen was obviously a massive fan of those bands.

Kiwi woman Katey Pittwood recently picked up the keys to her new home in New Plymouth, and got straight stuck in to renovating. While renovating one room of the house, she uncovered a brilliantly preserved 1960's teenager's bedroom.

Speaking to Stuff about the renovation that led to the discovery of the time capsule, Ms Pittwood said: "It was completely gibbed," she said. "The walls and ceiling were completely covered in gib, like a normal bedroom, but I knew, because I lived next door, that there were beautiful wooden ceilings."

"I got the keys on Friday at three o'clock, and I marched in, got the crowbar and said, 'Just pull down a little bit. Have a look.' And that was it."

Posters lined the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. Images of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Elvis Presley and The Who all lined the walls. As well as posters taken from long-ago magazines including JackieFab, and Boyfriend.

The images look in great nick after they had been covered over for decades.

Now Pittwood is wondering what to do with her discovery. She says she can't keep it, but would love to find someone to take it on or the person who put them up all that time ago.