Kindy gets kids to put together cookbook using their recipes & the results are hilarious

Must See 12/06/2019

A teacher at a kindergarten asked the class to create their own recipes for their favourite foods to put into a cookbook. 

From tacos to pancakes to macaroni, the recipes show the unique and hilarious stream of consciousness that kids have, offering a unique perspective into the minds of toddlers.

A man called Jordan posted the cookbook to his social media account, disclaiming that his nephew was one of the 'chefs' behind one of the recipes. 

Jordan’s nephew, Ethan, came up with a classic egg recipe that takes an hour to prepare but only 2 seconds to cook, apparently. We can only imagine he is spending all that preparation time color coordinating his Skittles.

The recipes were taken with a recording device, which perfectly captures the stream of consciousness that the kids share while reciting their ideas, some of their ideas are just hilariously random and creative. Pancakes donuts and various pasta dishes seem to be the most popular foods at this school.