Harrison Ford says New Zealand has inspired him to do his next bucketlist item

Must See 06/06/2019

76-year-old Harrison Ford doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon - in fact, he is still getting his adreneline pumping!

The Indiana Jones star caught up with Ellen DeGeneres on her show The Ellen Show and revealed his new bucketlist item of wanting to skydive solo.

The bucketlist item came after his 18-year-old son asked Ford to jump out of a plane with him while they were here in New Zealand.

Although Ford said he was initially hesitant, the Indiana Jones actor really enjoyed falling to the ground while strapped to a parachute and would now like to take the training to become a solo skydiver.

He added: "Next time, I want to leave that guy on the ground. He seemed like a very nice guy, but I want to take the training and then be able to do it myself."