Australian spice company goes viral for its hilariously descriptive labels on spices

Food 26/06/2019

A Twitter user recently posted a photo of spice containers from an Australian spice company called Oasis Bakery, and they have some unusual text on the labels. 

If you look closely at the spice labels on the various containers, you'll notice that they contain very long, convoluted paragraphs about whatever the copywriter seemed to be thinking about. For example, the Italian Herbs container, at first glance, looks like a normal spice container. It has the bakery name, the bakery website, and the name and ingredients of the spice blend. But, just above the barcode and beneath the name is a paragraph about Roberto Saviano's novel Gomorrah.

Tarragon features words related to Middle Earth, Chinese 5 Spices talks about the television show Chef and the other plethora of spices all seem to have something completely out of the ordinary written on their labels too.

Some believed that the labels were fake, or Photoshopped. But another user shared a link to the spice company's website showing that they had even more wacky descriptions on there too!