7 budget-friendly hacks to transform your kitchen

Must See 24/06/2019

Many of us would love nothing more in life than to redo our kitchen. Some of us are lucky enough to have had it renovated, but for others, it's simply a dream that will 'hopefully happen one day'.

In the meantime, while you dream of your new kitchen, here are 7 budget-friendly hacks that can help you spruce it up and tide you over until the day you can get a brand new one!


Three of the most popular materials used for benchtops are laminate, timber and stone. Laminate is around a third of the price, and it’s hard-wearing, durable, water resistant, easy to wipe down and clean. 

Today’s laminates come in a whole spectrum of finishes, from mattes to glosses, marble and mineral looks to woodgrains, metallics and a plethora of accent colours to suit and transform any kitchen space.

Statement door and cupboard handles

Cupboard door handles can bring cohesion to a kitchen look, add quirk, personality or interest, and make a style statement.

Open shelves

Use open shelves to express your personality or to feature your favourite collectables - from teacups, to fine china, to salt and pepper shakers or fun coffee mugs. Or you can also make it more practical by using utensil holders, knives and hung saucepans.


An easy way to transform your kitchen is by adding a cool splashback. You can use a nice bright colour or a photo that holds importance to you.

Art work benchtop appliances

Having bright appliances are a great way to add a focal point to your kitchen - plus you get a nice new appliance out of it too!

Whether it's a funky toaster and jug set, a bright pink kitchen aid or vintage inspired coffee machine, they can really transform your kitchen.


Sprucing up your kitchen with patterns is a great way to add personality and transform your kitchen.

A vintage-inspired rug or lush floral wallpaper adds tons of personality to even the smallest of kitchens. If you want try both at the same time, just look for patterns that have a linking color between them.

Use your plates

An easy way to add a bit of decor to your kitchen is by using plates. Elegant china plates can be picked up for cheap at local second stores and can be easily hung with command strips of plate hangars.

Alternatively, you can prop them up on your open shelves.