You'll be greeted by a dozen adorable corgis at this garden cafe

Must See 17/05/2019

Tanchanok Kanawaong was the proud mum of five corgi dogs, but when she was surprised with a litter of pups from one of the dogs, she suddenly had 12.

So what did she decide to do? Open a corgi cafe to share her cute pets with the public!

She decided to open 'Corgi In The Garden' cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, where her customers are greeted by the dozen adorable fluff balls on arrival. 

"I just wanted to share the love and happiness. Two of my dogs had seven puppies ... and the number grew, so we wanted to spread the joy with others," Tanchanok said. 

The dogs are trained by a professional trainer, and have plenty of opportunity to rest and relax in between the pats from adoring customers. 

Check out the pics below for an 'awwww' moment or two.