This concert is now making their event phone free

Must See 21/05/2019

Organisers of a music festival in Scotland have made the decision to ban the use of mobile phones so people "actually live in the moment".

Those heading through the doors to FLY Open Air Festival - and electronic festival near Edinburgh - will have to lock their phones away in the security case below when they enter they enter.

Director Tom Ketley told Metro the festival has 8,000 cases ready for the event with security tags similar to those attached to clothing in shops. which away the phone and cover the camera lens.


You would not go to the cinema and watch the film through your phone, so I don't see how this is any different

“We felt like there was no other way do this other than take quite drastic action. If you put stickers over people cameras they just take them off.”

"When you’re out dancing the last thing you want is a flashlight shined in your face.