The cat that can't be re-homed due to his non stop sneezing

Must See 28/05/2019

A tabby cat is struggling to find a new loving home due to a quirky condition which means he constantly sneezes.

Elliott the tabby suffers from chronic rhinitis, an inflammatory nasal condition with symptoms such as itching, sneezing and nasal congestion. The nine-year-old cat has resided at a Cats Protection rehoming centre in East Sussex, England, since March 6. 

Elliott's previous owners gave him up due to allergies - but now, no one will adopt Elliott because of his sniffly nose.

Managers are worried that prospective parents for Elliott may be turned off by his condition, as many recent visitors have been reluctant to accept Elliott's sneezy ways.

"[Adopters] are worried about the cost of medical. People would rather go for a cat with a blank canvas," the centre's deputy manager Tania Marsh told The Independent.

Despite the tabby's troublesome nose, Marsh said that Elliott is a "very loving and affectionate" cat.

"He is a heavy sneezer, so when we come in to check on him in the morning we do have to clean his glass quite thoroughly as there is a lot of mucus. It's like he has a bad cold.

"He's a lovely boy, his condition is just something to take on."

Marsh told The Independent it's likely Elliott's stress at living in the rehoming centre may have temporarily exacerbated his condition.

"As soon as he can go outside and get some fresh air in his lungs, his sneezing will be considerably less of a problem."

Marsh said there is a drug available for his future owners to treat Elliott's nasal condition, but Cats Protection are legally unable to provide it.

"He's a gorgeous cat and just wants to be with you, he even puts his paws around your neck like he's hugging you."

Hopefully Elliott finds someone who accepts him just as he is.