Science reveals the cute reason why dogs tilt their heads at humans

Must See 17/05/2019

The worst thing about having a dog, is that we have no idea what they are actually saying to us. So, dogs have to come up with different ways of communicating to their humans.

There are many things dogs do that we can easily decipher into how they are feeling. For instance, a wagging tail means they are happy and when they snuggle up to us we know that they are oozing with love.

But we did not know that when they tilt their heads to the side they are actually trying to tell us they care.

According to Mental Floss, scientists say that our furry friends tilt their heads as a way of conveying empathy.

The site explains why dogs do this even when we're scolding:

"When you’re lecturing your pooch for taking food off the counter, they’re taking it all in even if the literal message gets lost in translation."

So even though they might not be able to understand what's wrong, they are showing you they're listening.

They also sometimes tilt their heads to hear sounds better - while they have great hearing, they struggle to pinpoint where exactly it is, or may be adjusting their ears to hear the exact tone of your voice.

However, the site reports that frequent head-tilters are especially empathetic pooches.