People are very impressed by genius oven cleaning hack that uses simple ingredients

Must See 30/05/2019

A UK-based woman has revealed a very intriguing yet genius hack for getting her oven looking brand new again.

The cleaning hack was simple, but the woman admitted her husband thought she was completely 'bonkers' whilst she was doing the cleaning.

To do her hack, the woman first filled her bathtub with hot water. She then added in a load of tumble dryer sheets (not to be confused with bed sheets!) and left them to soak for a while.

She then used the sheets to scrub the oven shelves and any remaining food.

Writing on the Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, Michelle wrote: “I thought I would try this last night after a few glasses of wine. My husband was wondering why I was emptying our oven and taking them to the bath. Thought I had gone mad.

“I then proceeded to throw a couple of tumble dryer sheets in with some warm water. Off to bed I go……."

Michelle joked that she probably should have told her family about her cleaning hack before plonking the shelves in the bath as her eldest son got a shock when he came home from work.

She said: "Well this morning I have been called all sorts of names but [I don't care] as I have nice clean wire racks after giving them a little scrub to get the last bits off.”

The handy hack has been found to be effective for some people, due to the fabric softening chemicals helping to “soften” old dry food on the shelves.

Many people loved Michelle’s advice and said they had tried it themselves.

One person wrote: “Thanks so much for this! It works a treat! Super Shiny oven racks now.”

Another added: “I'm trying this great tip.”