People are puzzled about a new way to consume avocado

Must See 14/05/2019

An avocado lover who was sick of the effort involved when getting their avo on toast has come up with a brand new, simpler way to consume the fruit. 

Their invention is called 'Avocado on a Stick' and is exactly what its name describes.

'Avocado on a Stick' is basically the inner flesh of an avocado, shoved into a container. It's design is very similar to a stick of deodorant and is designed so that you can simply whip the lid off, slather the avo on your toast and go.

The stick promises that avo-fans can make their favourite snack "faster than ever at home or on the go...on a stick!"

And while the product hasn't actually been confirmed as to whether it is a brand new product, or someone's idea of a prank, since showing up on social media, the 'Avocado on a Stick' has split the opinion of avo-lovers everywhere.

"I need this in my life!" one Facebook user wrote.

"Brilliant!" said another.

But while there were a few people in support of the product, many weren't so convinced by it and decided to take the mickey out of it saying: "As someone who uses avocados as a deodorant, I am SO EXCITED about this!!!!!"