NZ vet clinic praised for heartwarming tribute to those saying final farewells to pets

Must See 17/05/2019

Having to say goodbye to your beloved pets is one of the most heart crushing things any pet parent has to do.

In an ideal world our furry friends would live the same lifespan as us, but unfortunately that ideal world is not meant to be.

One vet clinic in Wellington is honouring those who are in their clinic giving their pet a final farewell in a simple yet heartwarming way.

Radio announcer Polly Gillespie noticed the tribute while taking her very ill puppy to the after hours vet.

"If this candle is lit, someone is saying goodbye to their beloved pet," the sign read.

"We ask that you speak softly and with respect during this difficult time. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Polly's post went viral, with thousands of people reacting to the post. Almost everyone was blown away by the vet clinic's amazing way to help grieveing families through their tough times.

Other people shared how their vet clinics also do something similar.

Losing a pet is always hard, but small things like this can make it just that little bit easier.