McDonald's opens up a tiny restaurant made just for bees

Must See 24/05/2019

It's no secret that bee colonies around the world are dying at an alarming rate. In the US, it is estimated that 44% of colonies were lost in 2016 alone.

While there are few factors that weigh into the decline in the bee population, a major reason is the effect from humans.

Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem and pollinate up to 80% of our crops, and if they were to continue dying at these rates we can say goodbye to many of the plants that we rely on, as well as a whole plethora of other creatures that need them too.

So a few McDonald's in Sweden are doing their little bit to try and save the bees.

They have built little mini beehives, disguised as McDonald's restaurants, on the roofs of their buildings. Some are also planting flowers outside too, providing a bee-friendly environment that has helped to boost the population in the Scandinavian country.