Mans unique trick to get rid of mother in law

Must See 14/05/2019

A man sick of dealing with his “insufferable” in-laws decided to take matters into his own hands.

The unnamed man revealed on Reddit he decided to purchase a tarantula after continued clashes with his in-laws left him wanting to keep his arachnophobic mother-in-law at bay. 

He posted on Reddit: “Privacy means nothing to them, and my wife refuses to set boundaries.

“They will come around every day unannounced to visit my wife/play with our kids. I never get a break from my mother in [law’s] constant nagging.”

The man continued: “A few months ago [my mother-in-law] went crazy after a (wolf?) spider was simply in the corner. Panic attack and all.

“So I got the idea to get a tarantula as a way to prevent her coming so often. It’s in a big enclosure in the living room.”

The man said he asked his wife before purchasing the spider, but kept his motivation secret.

“Worked like a charm, the dad still comes but the mother can’t stand to be in the same house as it.”

The man posted his story in the ‘Am I The Asshole’ subreddit, asking fellow users if he was wrong for not revealing his reasons to his wife.

“She’s continued to ignore my concerns about boundaries for years,” the man said in a bid for justification. “I don’t think I had a choice. Plus the tarantula makes a cool pet.”

The majority of people agreed he wasn’t “the asshole” because he had got permission from his wife in the first place. His wife is also aware of her mother’s arachnophobia.

A few readers mused that his wife may actually support the idea but doesn’t want to admit being sick of her parents.

As intolerable as in-laws can be, a tarantula in the living room doesn’t sound a whole lot better.