Furious Simon Cowell storms off Britain's Got Talent stage after being forced to dance

Must See 31/05/2019

A fuming, upset Simon Cowell stalked off stage in the middle of a ventriloquist act on Britain's Got Talent after being forced to dance.

The notoriously grumpy judge initially played along as he and David Walliams were roped in to contestant Jimmy Tamley's performance, where they both wore dummy mouth-pieces.

It wasn't long, however, before Cowell's patience ran out. He snapped when Tamley grabbed his legs in attempt to get him to perform the can-can, ripping off his mask and making a hasty exit.

The audience booed as Tamley and Walliams attempted to soldier through the rest of the act, with Cowell reluctantly returning later in the piece when his tantrum had subsided.

Fellow judge Amanda Holden commented: "It's very much like when your boss is forced to get up at the Christmas party... It felt like that. It's Simon's worst nightmare".

Cowell bit back at the show's producers who would have signed off on his participation.

"When you read about [these producers] being murdered in two days...You know who you are Nigel, Charlie, Sam and Cassandra, thanks for that I really appreciate it," he said.

Fans on social media dubbed the moment "mortifying, car crash television".