Dog owners take more photos of their pooch than their other half according to research

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Research carried out by, a website which connects dog owners with dog sitters, found that 65% of dog owners admitted to taking more pictures of their dogs than of their significant other.

We aren't too blown away by this finding - it's the simple question of who's cuter, isn't it? And the answer is always your pup. 

The research, titled 'The Truth About Dog People', also found that 54% of participants would consider ending a relationship if their dog didn't like their partner.

Clearly showing who comes out on top, 47% of those in a relationship said they would find it harded to leave their dog for a week than they would their other half. 

Some other interesting figures from the study were:

  • 1/4 pet parents have brought their pet on a date
  • 56% of dog owners have celebrated their dog's birthday
  • 3/4 pet parents use their dog or dog videos as a pick-me-up during a ruff day

They're called man's best friend for a reason! Noone and nothing can beat your pooch.