Dishwasher 'experts' reveal the ultimate guide to stacking your dishwasher

Must See 21/05/2019

Everyone stacks their dishwashers a little differently, but not many know the secret to getting your dishwasher to wash your dishes properly.

Australian consumer advocacy group Choice Australia has revealed it's guide to getting the absolute most out of your dishwasher.

1. What not to put in your dishwasher

Choice Australia suggests not placing any wooden products (chopping boards, rolling pins, wooden spoons etc) into your dishwasher as the wood absorbs every odour and flavour circulating from other dirty dishes.  

Good knives and fine china should also be avoided because the water pressure and corrosive detergent can blunt your knives and ruin the detailing on those previous pieces of crockery.

Anything that contains a 'reactive metal' - which is prone to corroding over time - is also best washed by hand.

That means anything with aluminium and copper - including non-stick pans - should be hand washed.

2. You shouldn't need to pre-wash dishes

While scraping food scraps off of your plates and cutlery and giving them a wee rinse before putting them in the dishwasher is a good idea, you shouldn't need to actually scrub your dishes before stacking them. Your favourite dishwashing tablets should have enough power to remove all manner of surface stains without you having to thoroughly wash beforehand.

3. The dirtiest dishes should go in the middle

Choice Australia reveals that in order to get a cleaner wash, placement is key every time.

Plastics should go on the top shelf to reduce the risk of melting, as should glass to prevent it shattering.

Because the spinning fan can sometimes miss the corners of the dishwasher it's best to place very dirty pots and pans in the middle of the stackable shelves for maximum effectiveness.

4. You shouldn't always put dishwasher tablets in the dishwasher tablet compartment

If you're using anything with the name '3-in-1' or 'multi tab' in it then Choice Australia reveals that it is actually more beneficial to put them at the bottom of your machine, not in the dispenser.

They're not designed to be placed there because they won't be released in the same way a single brick tablet would.

The 3-in-1 tablets have a section to them that are meant for the pre-wash stage but the dispenser doesn't open until the main wash has begun, thus rendering 1/3 of the tablet null and void. 

Watch the video above for more info.