'Game Of Thrones' finale gets hilarious John Hughes, 80's style recut

Must See 23/05/2019

It's very rare in 2019 to go about your life not knowing anything about Game Of Thrones. Whether you watch it or not, everyone knows someone who is obsessed with the TV show.

The finale of the series saw mixed reactions across the globe, and overall it seems that most wished things ended a different way.

But a new video that has surfaced on Twitter has answered the calls of those Game Of Thrones fans who wish things didn't end the way it did. And the video, which is the ending of the final episode of GOT reimagined, is entertaining even for those who loathe the show.

Inspired by John Hughes, the iconic American filmmaker who bought us fabulous 80's films like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, someone cut together the ending of Game Of Thrones so it mimicked an 80's film.

It's hilarious, even if the words that show on screen don't really make sense to you.

Watch it above!