Which Kiwi brands were graded the best in this year's Ethical Fashion Report?

trending 10/04/2019

More Kiwi fashion retailers are getting the tick of approval from a prominent charity group on how well they look after their workers and the environment.

Tearfund New Zealand launched its ethical fashion report on Wednesday, revealing its grades for 29 Kiwi fashion retailers on how they protect their workers and environment from exploitation.

The report, compiled with Baptist World Aid Australia, gave seven New Zealand companies a grade in the A range, up from five in 2018.

The best performing companies were Icebreaker, Freeset, Liminal, Kowtow, Kathmandu, Nature Baby, and AS Colour.

However, at the other end, 10 Kiwi companies received grades of D or lower, with 11 in between.

Farmers, Trelise Cooper and Baby City are among seven companies to be given an F grade.

Each of these brands had been assessed throughout three stages of their production on five themes - policies, traceability and transparency, auditing and supplier relationships, worker empowerment, and environmental impact.

In the past year, 38 percent of the 130 companies included in the report improved their overall grade.

For the full list of brands that were graded, read the full 2019 report here.

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