Prince William's fantastic speech at Al Noor Masji

Must See 26/04/2019

Prince William speaks about the moment he found out about the Christchurch terror attack.

"When it was confirmed that 50 New Zealand muslims had been killed, again while peacefully worshipping, I could not believe the news," he said.

"I do not believe grief changes who you are. Grief, if you let it, will reveal who you are.

"In a moment of acute pain, you stood up and stood together."

The Duke of Cambridge said people could learn from how the muslim community rallied around each other in the wake of the attack.

"Extremism, in all its forms, must be defeated.

"To the people of New Zealand, the people of Christchurch, to the muslim community and to all those who have stood with you by your side - I stand with you in grief, for those you have lost."

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