NZ Police sing about road safety this weekend

Must See 17/04/2019

It can sometimes be easy to glaze over when it comes to road safety - keep your following distance, buckle up, drive to the conditions - but police have come up with a catchy song to help you remember this Easter.

Central District Police have put out a 'Cop Car Karaoke' video in time for the long weekend, set to the tune of Earth, Wind and Fire's 1978 hit 'September'.

The minute-long song has safety messages sung by a police officer peppered into the familiar tune.

"We really want you to have Easter time with your whanau, so when you are travelling this Easter, make sure everyone's buckled up," he sings.

"When you are driving, please drive to the road conditions, and it's also important to remember  when you're tired have a break.

"Now remember, it's not a race this Easter, we just want you safe, just remember  listen to what we say."

It's a fun take on the serious issue of helping keep the road toll down over holiday periods.

Ministry of Transport statistics show four people died in four crashes over the Easter period, the previous year only one person died, but there were 29 serious injuries and 114 minor injuries.

Over Easter 2014, five people died, with 17 seriously injured and 123 people were left with minor injuries in a total of 100 crashes.