Nadia Lim's top tips for high energy levels

Must See 24/04/2019

Nadia Lim has a lot going on, and the My Food Bag founder credits her energy to time away from her phone, and tasty treats.

In fact, 'a lot going on' would be an understatement.

Lim co-founded a national food box delivery service, writes cookbooks, has two young sons and now is tearing up the dance floor on Dancing With the Stars NZ.

Sitting in the makeup chair this week she told Newshub that she doesn't get why when "anyone has a spare second, they're immediately on their phone".

"I try not to be on my screen all the time; any gaps of time I have I like to spend just five minutes sitting peacefully," Lim revealed.

"I love not having technology - we don't have a TV and haven't had one for seven years. So that gives me back a lot of time."

Lim also shared her go-to snack that she brings to dance training with partner Aaron Gilmore - a great choice for any chocoholics.

"It only takes five or 10 minutes to make: it's a mix of natural coco powder or cacao, coconut oil, dried fruit and nuts," she says. "You then just put it in the fridge to set and it's like natural chocolate."

Food is a big driver for Lim. It's the basis of her business and her chosen DWTS charity Garden to Table.

The Kiwi-run charity provides primary school students with the skills to grow, harvest, prepare and cook their own fruit and vegetables.

"I always thought these were incredible life skills," Lim said. "I was always quite shocked that something like that isn't mandatory in every school."

She's been involved with the charity since finishing up Masterchef eight years ago, and says a vivid memory is one of her driving forces.

"It's this memory of these kids sitting around a table so excited to eat and share what they'd just grown and cooked... These were kids that otherwise might not have talked to each at school, and they were all sharing food and talking... it was really cool."

Lim says the life skills that come with the charity are endless.

"You learn how to grow your own food so there are economic benefits that come with that and obviously much more nutrition.

"Then you know, getting outside, it's great for mental health. When you're in the sunshine you get that dose of Vitamin D and you're less likely to have as much screen time. Fast forward to the future, you won't rely on takeaways as much because you've learned these skills in the kitchen."

Lim and Gilmore helping out in the kitchen. Photo credit: Supplied.

If you need a go-to snack for your own busy day, Lim's no-sugar banana bread is also a great option, and can be made gluten-free and dairy-free.