Meet Georgie, the rescued hedgehog with a huge following

Must See 29/04/2019

We've all heard of cats, dogs and birds being rescued but a hedgehog rescue is not so common.

No his name isn't Sonic, but he was in need of some TLC after he was discovered missing all his spikes and close to death.

Georgie looks more like a baby bird than a hedgehog. He was in a terrible state when he was found. 

Matt Dowman discovered Georgie close to death in his garden and decided to do his best to save him, despite the vet recommending Georgie be put down.

"He had some wounds on him as well and it looked like he'd been burnt or someone had poured hot water on him," Dowman said.  

"He still had this will to live. I tried feeding him and obviously he wanted to eat. and so I thought we'd just give him a go."

Dowman has posted regular updates on Georgie's recovery.

“His favourite thing is cat food at the moment.  We don't like apples but we like bannas,” Dowman said

He bathes Georgie him in coconut oil to help him recover, but at around three months it's been a slow but steady recovery.

"Here we are it's Georgie again and we are excited as there are even more spines coming out of him," Dowman said.   

To the delight of his ever-growing online following it looks like he's going to make a full recovery.

So now albeit a few bald patches, Georgie's recovery is almost complete thanks to a humble life-saver.

It looks like Georgie's here to stay.  He's nestled his way into a new home and the hearts of the Dowman family.