How much exercise you need to do to work off Easter chocolate and hot cross bun

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Easter is just round the corner, and we all know what that means: shops full of chocolate and hot cross buns.

But be warned - indulgence comes at truly calorific price.

Scientists have revealed just how much you have to exercise to burn off those extra calories.

Exercise and Sports Science Australia says it takes over 30 minutes of running to burn off just one hot cross bun, 7 News reports.

A 100 gram milk chocolate egg will take you an hour jogging on the treadmill to balance it out, while a Cadbury Crème Egg will take 15 minutes of burpees to work it off.

Exercise physiologist Max Martin says if we knew just how hard it would be, we would think twice before grabbing another Easter treat.

"We're probably talking a marathon by the time they've actually finished one or two days of Easter," he told 7 News.

But many people say they're willing to pay the price.

"It's worth it, because it's nice," one person told 7 News.