Emotional new Spark ad has Kiwis in tears


Telecommunications company Spark has evoked tears and pulled at people's heart strings with its latest advertisement.

The 90-second advertisement tells the story of a woman on her wedding day, with the father of the bride giving a speech.

The ad flashes back to the father's time in hospital, while his speech is continued in a voice over. During the emotional 90-seconds, the viewer learns the dad has died.

The viewer finds that the speech is pre-recorded, and the woman's father is giving it from his hospital bed.

The ad then ends with "leave nothing unsaid" flashed on the screen, implying the pre-record from the hospital bed was made possible through Spark's technology.

The advertisement was shown during Monday night's episode of Dancing With the Stars, which prompted a wave of emotional responses.

"If Mike McRoberts wants to let his emotions out on Dancing with the Stars, he should watch that new Spark ad just before he goes on, OMG the tears," one user wrote.

A spokesperson from Spark said they made the ad to remind Kiwis technology can create profoundly human moments.

"This video reminds us that the amazing technology we all use every day is there for one reason: to connect us and bring people closer to each other,” Sarah Williams, Brand Experience Tribe Lead at Spark told Newshub in a statement.

Spark knew the advert would evoke strong reactions, and it has been "humbling" to see the range of emotions that it has created.

"While the story blends sadness and happiness, it ends with hope and the takeout that many people have told us they have felt is a desire to cherish their loved ones," Spark said.

The advertisement will run online and in cinemas.