Elton John sings 'Circle of Life' to orphaned kids in adorable rediscovered video

Must See 26/04/2019

A video of Elton John singing to orphaned kids in Ukraine has resurfaced, melting our hearts.

In Ukraine to highlight the plight of children suffering from HIV and AIDS back in 2009, Elton visited Makeyebka Children's Orphanage where he was filmed performing to he children. You can watch the heartwarming video above, where Elton sings The Lion King's 'Circle of Life'.

As he toured the orphanage, Elton reported that he fell in love with a 15-month-old named Lev, and filed to adopt him. Unfortunately Elton and his partner David Furnish were denied the opportunity to adopt Lev by the Ukrainian authorities, as civil partnerships are not recognised in Ukraine. Elton is pictured with Lev below.

Despite not being able to adopt him, Elton helped Lev, his brother Arten and their grandmother move to a safer city on the other side of Ukraine when conflict threatened their safety in their home city.

Elton and David were reunited with Lev, now 11-years-old, in 2018 on a visit to Kiev as part of an anti-AIDS charity event titled 'A Day with Elton John'.