Dave Dobbyn's 'Slice of Heaven' given a Japanese twist thanks to Steinlager's Tokyo Dry

Must See 16/04/2019

A new ad campaign for Steinlager's Tokyo Dry has given Dave Dobbyn's classic 1986 hit 'Slice of Heaven' a Japanese remix. 

Featuring elements of J-pop, hip-hop and Japanese lyrics, the song is an interesting apanese-New Zealand hybrid.

Dave Dobbyn commented on the ad, noting how the essence of the song remained true despite it being transformed through the lens of a different culture:

"When I wrote the lyrics 'da da da' I never imagined them to be some of the best lyrics I'd ever written, and that 33 years later 'Slice of Heaven' would still be so catchy and recreated in this way."

Auckland-based ad agency DDB were behind the ad idea, with the DDB chief creative officer Damon Stapleton saying the entire purpose of the campaign was to convey the idea of New Zealand meets Japan: "We loved the idea of taking something so iconic and recreating it in a modern, Japanese way, just like Steinlager did when it launched Tokyo Dry."

You can watch a clip of the ad here: