Celine Dion surprises couple as their wedding singer in Las Vegas

Must See 08/04/2019

Imagine your quick Las Vegas wedding became a quick star-studded spectacle! 

Jimmy Kimmel, who has been filming a special week of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Las Vegas, decided to make a lucky couple's wedding day by bringing in singer Celine Dion to perform for them.

Asking if the couple had their own wedding singer, the couple shyly said no, which became the perfect opportunity for Celine to burst through the doors singing 'Because You Love Me'.

The couple then got to have their first dance while Celine Dion sang on the altar to them.

Celine Dion, who has been residing in Las Vegas for 16 years, is stepping down from her show as she releases her new album and an upcoming world tour.

"First of all, it's kind of bittersweet, leaving Las Vegas. This is my second home. For me, it's not leaving Las Vegas, it's taking a new route -- it's a new chapter."