Best tips to keep that winter cold away!

Must See 15/04/2019

While the long summer has been a dream, it is no secret that winter is well on the way. Nights are getting colder, and the chance of getting sick is increasing by the day. Below are five simple tricks to prevent yourself from even getting sick in the first place this winter! 

1. Plenty of garlic

Garlic has been proven to boost immunity as well as create a fast recovery process for your body. 

2. Zinc

Zinc promotes the increase of immune cells which will hopefully prevent your sickness hitting. Foods high in zinc are fish, eggs, dark chocolate and cashews. 

3. Fermented foods

Since most of your immunity is in your gut, a healthy gut is a key to not getting sick. So by increasing your fermented foods in your diet, it will increase your immunity. 

4. Vitamin D

While we all know how good Vitamin D from summer rays are significant for us, the sun we get in winter may not be strong enough, and we can tend to lose levels of vitamin d. It is critical to keep an eye on these levels, and if they get too low, sometimes Vitamin D supplements are incredibly beneficial. 

5. Rest

The most important trick to not get sick is to make sure you get enough sleep to recover!