A prequel is in the making for the movie Grease!

Must See 11/04/2019

A prequel to the iconic musical film Grease is reportedly in development at Paramount Studios, to be written by the screenwriter of the Aladdin reboot.

According to DeadlineSummer Loving will tell the story of the whirlwind romance Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson shared at the beach before reuniting at Rydell High.

The film will use the 'Summer Nights' number as a jumping off point, in which John Travolta and Olivia Newton John's characters reminisce on their time together, albeit with wildly differing accounts.

The pop culture mainstay has been reworked several times already, once for the silver screen with Grease 2, starring Michelle Phieffer, and more recently, for TV with Fox's Grease: Live, which earned several Emmy awards.

The Hollywood Reporter also reports John August, whose other writing credits include Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, will pen the prequel - if it gets the go-ahead from Paramount.

Reaction from fans has been mixed, with some arguing the original film already covers Danny and Sandy's backstory.

"Why do we need this? What's there to f**king say we got the f**king Grease prequel in the first 10 minutes of the movie," one tweet reads.

Others looked forward to seeing the lyrics from 'Summer Nights' brought to the big screen.

"Well we know the whole plot of the movie. Sandy got a cramp, they made out under a dock. Drank some lemonade. They stayed out until 10 o'clock. Sounds like it could be awesome," one fan tweeted.