8 healthier Easter treats for the family this weekend

Must See 18/04/2019

While we usually associate Easter with car loads of chocolate and hyperactive kids, it doesn't have to be a sugar-filled unhealthy holiday. There are plenty of healthier alternatives that the whole family will love, and here are our top 12:

Easter Yoghurt Bark
Made from greek yoghurt instead of white chocolate, this snack is a great protein snack with pomegranate seeds and blueberries giving it splashes of Easter egg colour. Check out the recipe here.

Yoghurt-dipped Strawberry Carrots
While actual carrots are a great treat themselves, these faux fruit carrots are a fun Easter treat. Get the recipe here.

Easter Egg Lunchbox
This adorable idea from A Kailo Chic Life makes lunchtime fun, with veggies, crackers, fruit and bite-sized sandwiches packed in colourful plastic eggs served in an egg carton. We know it's school holidays but this could be a fun idea for days out with the kids!

Cheese and Cracker Chicks
Get the kids excited about this simple snack by getting creative. Grab some round crackers, some cheese, baby carrots and some spinach leaves. Done! 

Carrot Patches
More carrot fun for the Easter bunny theme - top baby carrots with parsley leaves, and dip them into tiny pots of hummus! 

Yoghurt Easter Egg Popsicles
This is an eggcellent way to get the kids eating healthy treats - freeze yoghurt, berries and crunchy granola in egg shaped moulds to make these delicious Easter popsicles.

Bunny Pancakes
Long weekends call for breakfast treats, and these multigrain bunny pancakes are perfect for Easter. These banana pancakes in different sizes can be pieced together to make a bunny, then decorate it with banana slices and chocolate chips, and a bunch of shredded coconut for the tail. So cute!

Easter Bunny Boiled Eggs
These cute little boiled eggs are the perfect healthy treat for the kids this Easter. Using boiled eggs chopped in half as the body, add radish slices as ears, celery for the whiskers, and sliced black olives for the eyes. Finish off by setting on a bed of tuna and placing in a plate of lettuce.