61-year-old woman gives birth to own granddaughter as surrogate for her son

Must See 05/04/2019

Cecile Eledge, 61, from Nebraska, said that if she was healthy enough to undergo IVF treatment so her son Matthew and his partner Elliot could become parents, she wanted to do it. 

Doctors deemed that Cecile was fit to carry a child, so she was implanted with several fertilised eggs, donated by Elliot's sister. Cecile became pregnant on the first round of IVF, and has given birth to her granddaughter, baby Uma, on March 25th. 

Cecile had a relatively stress-free pregnancy, and carried Uma for seven and a half months before giving birth naturally. She was warned about the risks of pregnancy at her age, but she said she found the experience even easier than giving birth to her own children. 

"I worked out, I walked, I was physically active. And actually, it was almost easier. Because I'm older, my diet's been easier to control, and I didn't have the responsibility of other children. Just this pregnancy," she said.

Matthew said that since the birth of his daughter, one of his friends has been freezing her own breastmilk for baby Uma: "We love women. We think women should rule the world. Elliot’s sister donated her eggs, my mom carried her, and we have this dear beautiful friend giving her this nourishment. Our daughter, Uma, gets to be surrounded by all these smart, beautiful, compassionate women."

Despite the closeness of his new family, Matthew says that Nebraskan law doesn't allow for Elliot's name to be on the birth certificate. Uma's legal parents are recorded as Matthew and his mother Cecile. 

"It’s kind of embarrassing. Nebraska requires the sperm donor to be the father and the person who delivers the baby to be the ‘mother,’ even if she’s not biologically related to the child. This looks really creepy for us. Let’s just say we will NOT be framing and hanging up Uma’s birth certificate," he said. 

Elliot will now go through the adoption process to ensure he has legal rights as a father to Uma.