Why you're probably washing your dishes wrong

Must See 06/03/2019

A growing battle in the Kiwi home that could be tearing your family apart - what is the truth about how to wash dishes?

A post to Twitter calling the Kiwi way of cleaning dishes "dirty" has sparked a debate about the right way to clean up.

The debate seems to have four main points of contention:

  • Pre-rinse before the wash?
  • Water scalding hot or just warm?
  • Post-rinse to wash off soap?
  • Tea towel to dry, or leave them on the rack to drip?

Annabelle White - famous food editor, chef and kitchen whizz - weighed in on the debate to let us know, once and for all, just exactly how we should be washing our dishes.

The self-proclaimed 'Mistress of Suds' cleared up the debate with the following instructions:

  1. Cutlery and glasses first
  2. Leave super gross, food caked bowls and pans to pre-soak
  3. You want the water as hot as possible (without burning yourself of course)
  4. Squeaky clean isn't just a phrase - you want to hear those plates and glasses squeal
  5. Rinsing? Ms White says yes! Get those soap suds off those dishes
  6. Finally, don't just leave your dishes to dry - use a clean tea towel to dry up.

Watch the full The Project interview above.