Watch this hilarious tackle between man and koala as he tries to get it out of the car

Must See 26/03/2019

An Australian man documented the adorable moment a koala hitched a ride in his car trying to escape from the heat, and then wouldn't get out.

Tim Whitrow posted two videos to Facebook on Sunday after spotting an unusual passenger in his rear-view mirror.

The winemaker said he was checking on the grapes at one of his family's vineyards, and had left his car doors open for his dog.

"As I was moving to another part of the vineyard I noticed that someone else was also in the car enjoying the A/C," he explained on Facebook.

In the videos, Whitrow tries to offer the koala some water, thinking that it may be dehydrated.

He then attempts to shoo the wild animal out of his car calmly, giving it pats on the head.

The animal seems to get agitated slightly, and crawls onto the front seat of the car, latching onto the dashboard with its claws.

"Oh man, you're strong. Come on buddy! You're tearing up my dash!" Whitrow says while trying to pry the animal out of his car.

It eventually makes a run out the passenger-side door, and off into the bushes.

"How many times has that ever happened to you?" exclaims Whitrow.