Washing machine hack to make it play the NZ national anthem

Must See 11/03/2019

Kiwis have been left stunned after learning the humble Fisher and Paykel washing machine has a secret trick - it can play the New Zealand anthem.

The discovery was revealed on the New Zealand Reddit forum after user u/roddsteel18 posted an instructional video showing how it's done.

By pressing the right combination of keys, the machine will burst into a beep-tone rendition of 'God Defend New Zealand'.

"Did you know your F&P washer was capable of this?" they asked.

Amazed New Zealanders responded in awe at the washer's capabilities.

"Just tried it, amazing. Showed my flatmate and we both stood there in the laundry singing the reo version," therewillbeniccage commented.

"We done this at work. Was the weirdest moment five tradies staring at the washing machine in silence," ComfortableFarmer said.

Then came new revelations - the machine can play other countries' anthems, along with songs and tunes.

"Back when I worked for F & P they used to play Axle F. Would have been in the nineties I think," bshwckr wrote.

Although there have reportedly been problems with people starting the song cycle then being unable to turn it off.


"This was talked about on the radio a few years back. Then Fisher and Paykel apparently got heaps of calls from people who couldn't put it back into normal mode," MaxSpringPuma said.

Fisher and Paykel washing machines have been able to play anthems for many years, but the Reddit threat proves there are always people out there learning things for the first time.